Acne is a complicated skin condition with many different causes and with no one-stop solution. How quickly Silver Serum works will depend on how bad your acne is, what products you have been using on it before using Silver Serum and other lifestyle factors.

When starting to use Silver Serum, most people report their skin temporarily getting slightly worse in the initial 2-3 weeks of use before it starts to improve. This is usually due to the skin readjusting to the new treatment. Silver Serum treats acne in a very different way to all other acne products. It doesn't fight the acne itself, instead it enforces the skin's natural acne defences. This change in approach can often mean the skin has a period of readjustment, especially if you have been using acne-fighting products previously.

There are also some common mistakes people make that can reduce the effectiveness of Silver Serum.

Firstly if you are using any acne medications (either tablets or skin treatments) in conjunction with Silver Serum then it's unlikely to work and may even react badly with the medication.

Secondly the most common problem is people using other anti-bacterial products (washes, cleansers, soaps etc)  in conjunction with Silver Serum.

Silver Serums works by only killing off bad skin bacteria and, more essentially, preserving good skin bacteria which is what helps to build up stronger and more resilient skin. If you are using any anti-bacterial products with it, the effects of the serum will be negated.

Another common problem is not cleansing before using Silver Serum. 

If the skin is already teaming with old bad skin bacteria, then Silver Serum is going to be out numbered. Clean the skin first with a non-anti-bacterial cleanser or wash before applying Silver Serum, and it should be much more effective. 

If you don't have a non anti-bacterial wash for your acne please visit our sister site, Clarol. There we have a brilliant exfoliating facial wash designed specifically for acne that contains no anti-bacterial chemicals, it also contains silver plus other natural ingredients to help clear and cleanse acne.

You can find it here;

If you are only using Silver Serum and/or Clarol products then we do recommend you give it at least 2-3 weeks of daily use before assessing the results. 

Acne is a fundamental skin condition which doesn't clear up in a few days or even a few weeks. Strong acne medications and anti bacterial treatments do have a more immediate effect on the acne itself but the problem is they are not for long term use and typically as soon as they are stopped, the acne returns in full force and the treatment/break out cycle begins. They also do a lot of damage to surrounding healthy skin so over all the skin becomes weaker and drier, allowing the acne to get even more established.

Silver Serum is designed for daily long-term use to gradually build up the skin's natural acne defences which, in many cases, have been typically depleted by multiple use of anti-acne products and or anti-acne medications. If used as part of a daily skin care routine Silver Serum should help reduce the frequency and intensity of break outs as well as improve and strengthen the quality of surrounding skin to be more resilient against future break outs.