I have rosacea what Kalme products are best to start off with?

Modified on Thu, 4 Nov, 2021 at 6:09 PM

The Kalme Basic Skincare Kit is designed to cover all your skincare needs if you have rosacea. It includes a day cream with SPF25, a nourishing night cream and a water-free cream cleanser. These three products should cover all your basic daily skin care.

We try to encourage our customers to use Kalme kits rather than single products to ensure they are not using other products that may be interfering with the effects of the Kalme products. This is why we price the Kalme skincare kits at a discounted price to encourage people to use the kits to get the maximum effects from our products. The Kalme Basic kit is an economical kit to start off with.

If the Kalme products then work for your skin and you want a concealer, when you re-order you can then include the Kalme Chameleon Concealer in the total Kalme Skincare Range, which is a little more expensive as the concealer is a more luxury and multi-functional product, but it's still a great deal when included in the total Kalme Skincare Range. In fact if you use a concealer daily and want one that is suitable for use on rosacea than buying the total Kalme kit is the best value for money out of all the kits as its the most heavily discounted.

In addition if you suffer from dry skin, especially as your rosacea starts to heal up which is common, you may also like to try the Kalme TeQ Serum.

We ask new customers to give products at least 2-3 weeks of daily use before assessing results or changes to their skin. These are not medications and don't act as a quick fix. They have a progressive effect if used regularly over a longer period of time and are designed as a daily management skin care regime to help control rosacea on a long term basis. 

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