I've had a reaction to a product what should I do?

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Firstly we're sorry our products are causing a few problems for your skin. We understand more than most about how sensitive and complex skin can be and that no single product works for all types of skin.

However before you send the products back to us for a refund, which we will happily issue, can we just ask if you have been using any medicated (such as antibiotics) or steroid-based products on your skin for a prolonged period of time before using our products?

And have you stopped using them recently before using our products?

If so, often several symptoms may occur as your skin recovers from steroid reliance and damage. This is a common and well-documented issue of post-steroid  or post-antibiotic recovery. 

This article on Red Skin Syndrome in our magazine may be useful reading on the subject.


If this sounds like your situation you will no doubt find that ALL products make your skin react because during steroid or antibiotic withdrawal, the skin is typically in a reactionary and hyper-sensitive state.

If you have a skin condition and have been on prescription products for it, we always advise you to ask your doctor first before taking any new steps in your skin care regime. 

However if you have already decided to stop using prescription products for your skin, it can help in these circumstances if you give your skin a period of time without introducing new products to let it recover and become less reactive. 

Then, if you choose to, you can try to slowly introduce our product(s) to small areas of skin and let your skin build up a tolerance to them.

However if this is not your situation or even if it is but you're still unhappy about the reaction your skin has had to one of our products, we will refund you for the cost of the products. 

There's no debate on our part. We just want you to have better skin. If our products can't help your skin then we will be the first to advise you not to use them.

We always encourage all of our customers to try our products by way of a patch test before they use them as we do not want anyone to experience any discomfort.

How to return products; 

We need to be informed within 14 days by email or phone that you have had a reaction to the products and want to send them back. We then need to receive the products within 30 days of the original order date. 

Please post the product to the following address. Please ensure you include a covering letter including your name and address and your order number. We will refund you once we have received them back. 

Skin Shop Returns 

Unit 7-9 Romsey Industrial Estate

Greatbridge Road


SO51 0HR

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